Bandidos trial wayne kellestine

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Bandidos member convicted of murder feared he himself might die, lawyer says

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Abandoned Bandidos massacre scene is a haunting place

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Shedden massacre

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Kellestine guilty of eight counts of murder at Bandidos trial

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Gruesome photos shock Bandidos murder trial

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Sandham, he was more engaged than anything. Bandidos candy trial starts in London, Ont. If they made a good of this, Jason Alexander would be the only tell to play Sandham. The Shedden massacre involved the gang-related killing of eight men, The murder trial for Aravena, Gardiner, Kellestine, Mather, Mushey and Sandham commenced on March 31,Wayne Kellestine, Bandidos member, was convicted in connection with the Shedden massacre.

Bingley also announces that five people from Ontario have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder: Wayne Kellestine, of Dutton-Dunwich Township, full-patch Bandidos member.

The Shedden massacre involved the gang-related killing of eight men, The murder trial for Aravena, Gardiner, Kellestine, Mather, Mushey and Sandham commenced on March 31,Wayne Kellestine, Bandidos member, was convicted in connection with the Shedden massacre.

A Confederate flag still hangs in Wayne Kellestine's empty barn, where eight outlaw bikers awaited their deaths Canada Abandoned Bandidos massacre scene is a haunting place. the trial heard.

Bandidos Trial – Wayne Kellestine The Accused The Bandidos massacre had accused several people. Six people were charged with eight counts of first degree murder.

Those charged were Wayne Kellestine, Michael Sandham, and Dwight Mushey, Frank Mather, and Marcelo Aravena, and Brett Gardiner. Wayne “Weiner” Kellestine was, at the time of the. Oct 29,  · The oldest of the accused, Wayne Kellestine, 60, shrugged his shoulders as he heard he was found guilty of eight counts of first degree murder for massacring his Bandidos clubmates in his.

Bandidos trial wayne kellestine
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