Subtracting by regrouping

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Math Lesson Plan: Popsicle Stick Regrouping Fun

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Subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping (unlike denominators)

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Grouping and Grazing. Grade: PreK to 2nd Help the alien spaceship move cows into corrals by counting, adding, and subtracting. This activity helps children learn grouping, tally marks, and place value. Math video explains subtraction by regrouping.

Your browser does not support the video tag. On the first day of Christmas, Not So Wimpy Teacher gave to you a set of subtraction task cards! This mini set of subtraction task cards is perfect for a math center!

I know that my students can't get enough practice with regrouping. This set includes subtraction with 2 and 3-digit numbers. Teaching subtraction with regrouping can often be a difficult and frustrating concept. Here's a collection of tips, activities, and strategies to help your students learn this concept.

Sal subtracts 17 4/9 - 12 2/3. - [Voiceover] So we have the expression 17 4/9 minus 12 and 2/3. And I encourage to pause the video and see if you can figure out what this is.

Regrouping in Subtraction

Base Blocks Addition. Base blocks consist of individual "units," "longs," "flats," and "blocks" (ten of each set for base 10). They can be used to show place value for numbers and to increase understanding of addition and subtraction.

Subtracting by regrouping
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